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North Valley Med  Spa Phoenix, AZ


Tucker Nivison, ToxDaddy, Master Cosmetic Injector, Owner

Tucker Nivison BSN-RN,

The Owner, Certified Master Injector/IV Specialist

AKA "Toxdaddy"

Medical Director, Elle Edwards

Elle Edwards, Medical  Director, FNP-C

North Valley Med Spa is a full-service med spa that offers cosmetic injections, weight loss programs, IV vitamins, and a cutting-edge innovative service known as the IV- Pedicure. 

With the emphasis on health, it can be difficult to maintain beauty in our busy society. Enhancing health and expressing your beauty has never been easier at North Valley Med Spa.


Within our beautiful facility we maintain a wide range of IV vitamin therapies that are offered while receiving a deluxe pedicure at the same time. North Valley Med Spa has a wide collection of superior aesthetic and wellness treatment products that are designed to enhance your health and express your natural beauty.  If you are unhappy with your facial skin, facial asymmetry or would like to look like you turned back the hand of time Tucker Nivison and his entire staff are dedicated to making your health and beauty experience pleasant and rewarding. 

Medical Spa in North Valley
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